TechEnabled wants to help eliminate the stigma of mental illness by addressing one of the primary factors holding professionals back from talking about their illness, how it might affect their career. A start-up inspired by the recognition (both good and bad) and support of mental illness on social media, and great leaders in the movement, such as the inspiring late Carrie Fisher, Rosalynn Carter, and Glenn Close.

TechEnabled is building a platform and methodology to:


To provide a supportive environment for professionals with mental illness that offers education, classes, and a peer community. To help them to find work they enjoy by matching opportunities to their specific needs.


To help companies find and confidently work with talented professionals, while also enabling those with mental illness to thrive. To empower them with knowledge and a methodology that will improve overall efficiency with a remote workforce.

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Currently:   Brainstorming. Actively fleshing out the full idea of the platform and talking with companies and professionals to get ideas on how it can benefit them. Putting together a plan to determine the best way to accomplish the goal. I'm also trying to determine if this could be an open source project!

Next:   Building a prototype, creating branding and a web presence that well represents the idea.

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